About Shannon


It began in 1995 with a Commodore 64 and an obsession with outer space. Shannon Leigh has been writing stories since as long as she can remember, starting with fantastical tales about headstrong girls exploring the moon and school kids kidnapping kangaroos from the zoo. Once her parents refused to send her to Space Camp and she came to terms with the fact that she might not ever be an actual astronaut, her writing endeavors grew to include more earth-based fiction, touching on issues of cultural identity, family issues, romance, satire, young adult and more.

Born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio, Shannon has also had an affinity for foreign lands and ancient intrigue since her earliest days, due in part to the unapologetically flat landscape of Ohio and a very real desire to touch an actual mummy. Fascinated from a young age by the habits and customs of ancient cultures, part of what enchants her about writing – and living – is that every person has a story to tell, and while the outside might look different between the ages or across continents, the insides are very often the same.   She’s lived in 4 countries and traveled to over 20, with plans for continuing the vagabond drift for as long as possible.

When not working on novels or short stories, she maintains various blogs (South Amerishan, The Astromaid Chronicles, and The Gaucho and the Gringa), as well as working as an independent analyst for a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit. She also freelances as a copyeditor and translator whenever she can find someone in need of a wordsmith, a sharp eye, or a Chilean-Mexican-Argentinean hodgepodge Spanish speaker.

She currently resides in Lima, Peru. Border runs, natural gas stoves, and the Pacific Ocean constitute the bulk of her normal life down south, as well as a persistent discomfort with the thought of December being “high summer”.  She’s more than willing to feed you vegetarian food and frequently employs people to smuggle in ground coffee from the USA.