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In 2009, “Doomed Voyages” began, but even years later, I wonder, did they really ever end?

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EGYPTClimbing Mount SinaiLuxor TempleKarnak Temple — Cairo Shenanigans

FRANCEThe LouvreGERMANYBerlinBuchenwald Concentration Camp


JORDANPetra | PRAHAPraha Castle

  From our ABOUT page, in 2009: The journey documented within these pages was borne of a fierce, all-consuming desire to travel the world, shared deeply by Shannon and Jill. Shannon has been imagining this trip since she took her visit dip into foreign areas in 1999. One day last year, Shannon asked Jill if she’d like to join her in Europe in 2009 and Jill said, “Sure, why not?” And thus the World Journey was created. What’s on tap:

  • Desert races, Roman ruins and PETRA in Jordan
  • Ancient Egypt, the Nile River, Mount Sinai climbing and mummy stealing (just kidding) in Egypt
  • Ancient Greece and the Greek Islands in…well, Greece
  • Rome, an ashen wedding at Pompeii and either Florence or Venice in Italy
  • Madrid and Barcelona, along with a lot of Spanish-speaking, in Spain
  • Embarrassing attempts to speak French, Paris and the Louvre, and re-enactments of The Davinchi Code along with a visit to Shannon’s beloved Philip in France
  • A quick jaunt through Switzerland, perhaps? This is where Shannon forces Jill to eat Swiss cheese, probably
  • Barbora-visiting and Prague-inhaling in the Czech Republic
  • Concentration camps, a slew of friends and gutter punk Ich Bin Berliner in Germany
  • Old friends in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • And then to Denmark, for the hell of it
  • UK-whirlwind, which will include vain attempts to not get bent over by the British Pound, a re-enactment of our shared favorite novel The Crimson Petal and the White, theater-gazing, accent-mimicking, and general inhalation of UK essences including Irish landscapes, Scottish kilts and castles.

Why is this trip different than most? Because these girls are traveling rough. The goal is to suffer, and while it seems strange, it has been a clear goal for the two since the earliest stages of planning. They need to conserve money, because they dont have much of it; but more than that, they want to explore the depths of their wills. Two middle-class Americans seek poverty abroad. Crazy? Perhaps. But it’s just what these two writers are looking for as the plot of their lives takes another twist… Note to family members: The following activities are not included in the itinerary: being kidnapped and/or sold into white slavery; total acceptance of shady looking strangers before even saying Hello and offering up all our belongings and finances; engaging in illicit activities; being arrested.

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